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13 December, 2013
06:00 PM - 08:00 PM
Urban League Freedom Hall, 8400 NW 25th Ave, Miami Join us

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This Urban League of Greater Miami workshop is designed to dispel the myths and stereotypes that refer to black women as “angry… just because…”

Many black women have experienced a myriad of situations that often underlie their negative or even boisterous behaviors. However, the phrase “many black women” does not represent the general population of black women.

The reactions and emotions related to various situations are the reality for far too many black women, who have experienced feeling disrespected, disappointed, denigrated, rejected, betrayed, taken for granted, abused, manipulated, unsupported, and numerous other painful influencing factors that lead to hurtful feelings and adverse reactions, which are ultimately labeled as “angry.”


Why are women angry

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