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Article: The Importance of Healthy Communities for Boys of Color
District 2 Candidate Forum, Thursday August 5

What is ‘The Posse’?

A Group of Men with a common interest.

What is its purpose?

To assist the Urban League of Greater Miami in facilitating and developing a “community of concern” about the importance of an academic excellence to the success and happiness of the community’s children.

Who are the members of The Posse and what do they do?

The Posse members are men from the Miami community who give of their time as volunteers, attending and hosting community meetings and town halls, advocating for their community, and holding elected officials accountable.

What are the guiding principles of the organization?

“It’s about our work, not our personalities,” and “there is no right way to do wrong”

What do the red and black in the Posse logo signify?

Red signifies anger/embarrassment — Black stands for beauty/power

What is the motto inscribed in the center of the Posse logo?

“It takes a whole village to raise a child.” The proverb is from Igbo and Yoruba regions of Nigeria and the basic meaning is that raising a child is a communal effort. It is to be taken to mean that the responsibility lies not only with the parents, but also with the extended family and in some cases the community.

Why Does It Take A Village?

Many people have begun to ask the question, “is educational failure associated with living in Liberty City?” The chronic failure of the neighborhood’s schools, several of which are considered “drop-out factories,” constitutes an emergency for Miami’s Black community. The idea that simply living in Liberty City condemns a child to failure is unacceptable in the 21st century, and we must consider a good education to be THE civil rights issue of our time. Changing the conditions of our schools will take more than the complaints and agitation of a few concerned parents or advocates. It requires the WHOLE COMMUNITY to get outraged, get angry, and then get active. We ARE the village, and it is all of our job to protect our children’s future.

Understanding the Impact of “Neighborhood Context” on Educational Outcomes

Where children grow up does have an impact on how, or even if, they learn and achieve. What are the neighborhood contextual effects — meaning the impact of where you live — on educational outcomes? The five key factors:

  1. Collective Socialization (You Are What You See)
  2. Social Control (You Do What Is Expected)
  3. Social Capital or Social Networks
  4. Occupational Opportunity
  5. Neighborhood’s Character affect on its institutions’ characteristics.

The goal of the Urban League’s Development Revolution is to impact all of these factors for the betterment of the children of Liberty City.

How can I help?

Join the Miami Urban League’s fight to save our children: take the Development Revolution Pledge

Contact us about becoming a volunteer member of The Posse

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