Fighting Miami’s ‘brain dran’


From the Miami Herald, one young woman, Fabiola Fleuranvil, fights the cynicism of her peers and refuses to leave Miami behind.

From Fabiola’s op-ed:

Miami raised, Tallahassee educated, Atlanta sharpened, and now back in Miami using my social, business, and political capital to do good for something bigger than myself.

That’s because Miami is so open with an abundance of undiscovered opportunities waiting on emerging leaders to take charge and do something to effectuate change. Yes, there are things that could use changing if we are to continue developing as a world-class city, but it won’t happen without us owning up.

Unfortunately, many of us do not realize this and sit by idly, complaining about what Miami does not have and comparing it to cities that appear to have what we lack, and then taking our talent and intellectual capital elsewhere, leaving Miami with a severe brain drain.

Even after being back in Miami for four years now and seeing my peers leave in a heartbeat, I still get asked why I haven’t left. My simple answer: “You can create in Miami. You can’t in D.C., Atlanta, New York, etc.”

While I love those cities and credit Atlanta for my entrepreneurial and professional development, those cities are oversaturated and everything you’re thinking about doing is already being done and dominated by someone else. So while it is true that you can easily experience a different level of living in those cities, you will just fit with the pack.

Read more at the Miami Herald

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