Governor’s Proposed Professional Training Matching Grant Program Great Timing for Common Core

From Foundation for Florida’s Future – Our state’s transition to the Common Core State Standards will change the expectation of what students need to be learning in Florida classrooms. Standards will be fewer but deeper, and more aligned to what they’ll need for success after high school in our changing world – this brings incredible opportunities for students and teachers but also challenges as we prepare for the change.

Governor Rick Scott is working to help teachers prepare for these standards, and we applaud him for taking proactive steps to ensure they have the tools they need to grow professionally and become even better educators. The Governor recently announced a $2 million teacher professional training matching grant program to be in his recommended budget for 2013-2014. According to a press release from the Governor’s Office, the competitive grant program will be matched by private sector investment and local investment in order to support Florida’s teachers as they work to grow and improve in their field. Common Core State Standards implementation is a critical training piece that teachers will be able to receive with the help of this grant.

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