Could An Affirmative Action Reversal Start A Golden Age For Historically Black Colleges?

From the Huffinton Post – Columbia University president and great American legal scholar Lee C. Bollinger recently published in the LA Times an editorial on the moral obligation for the Supreme Court to uphold affirmative action in admissions processes at public universities. At stake, diversity requirements at many of America’s state flagship institutions of higher education, which consider race, along with socioeconomic and gender factors as key elements in manufacturing diversity on college campuses.

With new discussion on a possible reversal of affirmative action in the admissions process, there’s a very real possibility that historically black colleges and universities could greatly benefit from its demise. And while no HBCU president or chancellor worth their salt in political savvy would admit it, many HBCUs can’t wait to welcome back some of the best and brightest of Black America has to offer.

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