Sign the Petition: Tell Congress to Preserve Free Tutoring!

T. Willard Fair, president and CEO of the Urban League of Greater Miami and Chairman of the Florida State Board of Education called on Congress to preserve the SES tutoring program in an important Miami Herald editorial last Saturday.

Like many local leaders, T. Willard has seen first hand the impact this has on empowering parents to be able to provide a tutoring lesson once only available to more affluent families.  The SES movement could have no better spokesperson than this long time civil rights leader and advocate for children and families.

Fair closed his editorial with a call to action, and a challenge for the new Congress:  ”It would be a shame if, as the next Congress takes up the reauthorization of the ESEA law, it eliminates one of the few programs that offers parents an opportunity to put the needs of their children – rather than the system – first.”

Join T. Willard in supporting our SES campaign today by taking action in your community.

Sign the Petition to Support Free Tutoring!

Click here to sign the online petition.

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